The Complete Cost Nintendo Wii Versus Xbox 360

In this article we will take a look at the cost Nintendo Wii has versus an Xbox 360.  The reason for comparing these two units is because currently they are the most popular console gaming systems. We feel that most people are trying to choose between these two systems, so we will try to do as accurate a comparison as possible.  The Nintendo Wii system price is pretty much standard across the board as is the Xbox 360ís so this comparison should be pretty straightforward.

Looking At The Cost Nintendo Wii Has Versus Xbox 360

We are going to basically compare the cost Nintendo Wii has for a simple console and two controllers versus the same thing for the Xbox 360.  While we realize that the Wii has many different accessories and in the long run, these accessories will increase the price of the Wii. However, if you really look and research the Xbox, you will find that this system also has a variety of accessories and you will most likely end up adding on to this system as well. Instead of going into detail about all these accessories, we have decided to just compare the basic units, this way you can effectively look at and compare the start up costs of both of these gaming systems.  

For a Nintendo Wii start up unit, we will look at the Nintendo Wii Two Person Bundle. This bundle includes two controllers, two nunchukas, the system, everything to connect it up and a couple of basic starting games.  The low cost Nintendo Wii bundle runs around four hundred forty dollars at its cheapest.  Not a bad price considering everything you get.

For the Xbox 360 we will look at the core system and an extra controller.  The core system is currently listed at $199.  The cost of an additional controller is around forty dollars for a wireless controller and thirty dollars for a wired controller.  This unit however does not come with any games or a hard drive.  You can upgrade to include the hard drive for around sixty dollars, meaning that it will cost around $299.  That is a savings of a hundred and forty dollars off the cost of the Wii.  However, keep in mind that you will still need to include the games.

For a basic start up system, the two systems are fairly comparable. You may end up saving some money with the Xbox, so if you are on a tight budget this may be the way to go. However you should also keep in mind that you will get more with the Wii bundle and it is also more interactive.



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