The Nintendo Wii Remote Control:
The Nintendo Wii remote control, also known as the "Wii-mote" by players, is both innovative and a little bit frightening.  If you are used to playing video games with the older style remotes that have a joystick and buttons, then this is remote may take a bit of getting used to.For all the younger people and those who can text message with one hand, you already have half of the training required for using the innovative Nintendo Wii remote control.  The other half of training will be learning how to keep a hold of the remote in the heat of competition.

The Joys Of A Wireless Controller:

There were two concepts that Nintendo wanted to bring to playing video games when they designed the Wii.  One, they wanted the controller to work only when the player moves his or her body.  In order to accomplish this, they had to do incorporate their second concept; the controller would have to be wireless.  The Nintendo Wii wireless controller is not your traditional controller. It's more like a television remote; the Nintendo Wii remote control is designed for the player to be able to easily use it with only one hand. 

There are clear advantages of a wireless controller. One is that the lack of wires allows you and your friends to move freely around the room you are playing in. You can also comfortably play without worrying about the cord being long enough to reach you. With this, you also have a safer gaming area as there is less risk of tripping and there is also a reduced fire hazard. Best of all, for everyone with pets, you donít have to worry about them chewing up your expensive cords anymore.

The Frustration Of A Wireless Controller:

As with everything else in life, the bad comes along with the good. While there are some clear advantages of having a wireless controller, there are also some drawbacks. One main problem is the size of the remote. The inventors of the Nintendo Wii remote control didnít take into consideration that the controller can easily slip out of someones hand while playing due to its size. Most of the games on the Nintendo Wii require you to move around as if you were actually doing the activity. For example, when playing the tennis game, you must actually swing your arm as if you had a tennis racket in your hand.

Like anything thrown across the room, the Wii remote can cause damage if it is thrown out of the hand of the user. There is even a website devoted to the damage caused by the flying Nintendo Wii remote controls called (also known as WHAP by the game users).  On this site you can view images and videos that people from all over the world have sent in.

Despite the size of the remote and the possible damage it can cause if thrown across the room, the Wii remote is an innovative and very functional remote controller. As with many things in life, you have to weigh the pros against the cons. Many people feel that wireless is definitely the way to go as there are more benefits of the Wii remote controller than there are negatives.



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